Zangi HD Video Call and Voice Call App for Android and iPhone

Zangi: Free Calls & Messages is a Communicator that lets you use the VoIP system to chat with their friends.

The software works in a way very similar to other famous applications market and lets you exchange text messages, send photos and make voice calls.

Another differentiator from Zangi: Free Calls & Messages is the sending of pictures called “Timeout”. With it you take a picture and send it to your contact, however, he can only see the picture for ten seconds. After the interval, the archive is completely inaccessible.

For those who want to use the program also to perform calls to landline numbers and without connection to the internet, the service offers the purchase of credits, all very similar with any other VoIP tool on the market.

Above you gave a complete description about the Zangi: Free Calls & Messages and its functionalities, know now what we think of Zangi: Free Calls Messages is more a & Communicator VoIP service option. Through him you can make free calls to your contacts (that have the program and internet connection) and send messages, photos and videos.

The application works very similar to several other tools already famous in the market, such as the popular Skype, for example. Here, however, video calls are not available, something that can make a lot of lack and that is widely used by people.


Chatting by text and voice

The chat service works well and works the same way as the other programs of the genre. There are also several different emoticons and images for you to share. You can upload photos and videos, options virtually mandatory in a software.

Here, the difference is the “Timeout”, which leaves the alternative photo available for your contacts for only ten seconds – all in the style of action movies. This, however, does not prevent the person keep a copy of the image, after all, just a printscreen for the photo is reproduced by the apparatus.

The quality of the calls through VoIP is good and you can talk to whoever is on the other end of the line without any problems. This, of course, will also depend on the speed of your connection, however, it is good to point out that we didn’t have any kind of problem in that sense.

Convince your friends

It is worth noting that the software does not perform any checking of the number when you register, something troubling, after all, that way any strange person can use your number to talk through the application.

The Zangi: Free Calls & Messages is still unknown, so you may end up not finding many contacts that use it. Thus, it is necessary also that you end up influencing their friends to install it, if you want to deploy the application with more frequency.