YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera and Photo Editor Tool

We all love the 3rd party applications which can help us in taking better selfies or which can help us in editing the photos. These applications are really amazing when it comes to enhancing the photos and in addition to this, the application can also help you in getting more likes on the Facebook and Instagram. If you are bored with your present application or if you are looking for a better application for taking selfies then we recently found an application. The name of the application is YouCam Perfect and here is a short yet genuine review of the application.
The application is available on google play store for the android phones and the application comes loaded with various features. Here is the list of features of the application.

Features of You cam Perfect
• The application has many tools to enhance the photo and enhance the skin tone. You can even remove wrinkles and spots from your face which actually makes you look young. The selfie taken by the phone can be edited in nick of time.
• The application also has many filters and you can add many effects to the photo. For example, you can add mosaic to the photo or you may even pixelate the photo. In addition to this, it is also possible to blur the background of the photo with help of this application.
• The application can click photos and you can add filters to the photo in real time to check the results.
• Another advantage of the application is that you may shoot short videos with the help of the application and you can also add filters to these applications in the real time.
• The application comes with an algorithm which can detect multiple faces in the picture and this helps in retouching the photo and getting the desired results.
• Another amazing feature of the application is that it can help you change the contour of the face in the photo.
• If you are taking a full photo then the application can help you in making you thin or making you look taller. This is surely the best feature and the developers should be awarded for integrating this feature into the application
• You may also make a collage with help of this application and this would eventually help you in making memories with multiple pictures. These collages can even be printed and you will notice that the pics do not pixelate.
• The application comes with a share button to share the work of Facebook and the application also has tutorials to learn the tricks of the tool.
In terms of the general review, it is one of the highest rated application when it comes to the camera and photography. The application has a rating of 4.5 stars and it has over 10 lakh 5-star reviews along with over 2 lakh 4-star reviews. The application has been installed by 50 Million to 100 Million users and it can be installed on any device running Android 4.1 and above.
Here is the download link of the application.