Winater Photo Resizer – A Complete Photo Resizing Solution for Windows

There are many times when you might need to resize the photo as the photos today are really high on resolution and they can’t be used everywhere. Moreover, most of the people use high-end image processing software. This software occupies a lot of space on the hard disk and in addition to this, the software is also not free to use. After a lot of research, we came across an application called Winater Photo Resizer and here is a short review of the application. We will begin with the features of the application and then we will move on to general review.

Features of Winater Photo Resizer

• The basic task of the image is to resize the image and this could also be used to reduce the file size or to reduce the dpi of the image.
• The application is basically available for windows and the application doesn’t need any installation. You can simply download the application and run the application in form of an executable file to resize the photo.
• The image is not uploaded to any server and hence you can use the application to resize the confidential image as well. In addition to this, the application has a very user-friendly user interface which makes it possible to drag and drop the images as well.
• The size of the application is very small and hence it is easy to store the application on the portable media device. The tool can prove to be handy in many situations.
• The application supports almost every format and the application also lets you add text at bottom of the image.

General Review

In terms of compatibility, the application is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. In addition to this, the best part about the application is that there are no ads or no watermark displayed on the application or the output image. This is one of the greatest advantages of the application and it is loved by the people because of all these advantages it offers.
The application doesn’t lag at all and the best part is that you do not have to install the application on the system. This means that you do not need administrator privileges to install the application on your machine. All you need to do to use this application is upload the image, edit the dimension, resolution and maximum size. Once that is done, you can click on the save button to save the image.

Many people use the application to resize the image into a smaller image so that the images can be uploaded to the digital form. In addition to this, people also use the image to edit the dimensions and size which makes it possible to attach the image to a website or on the email. This is one of the favourite application for the web developers as it helps them in optimizing the websites without compromising much on the quality.
To know more about the application you can click here and you can click on the download link mentioned below to download the application