Preview of Windows 9 must be released by the end of 2014

New version of the Windows operating system should be launched only in 2015, but Microsoft intends to release a demo Edition by the end of this year. That’s what says a report published today (30) by the ZDNet Web site, which claims to have sources closely connected with the company of Bill Gates.

According to the information disclosed by the newspaper, the supposed Windows 9 (whose preview supposedly was baptized as “Threshold”) is being developed focusing on desktop users, bringing back the good old start menu (albeit with a modern design and very reminiscent of the Metro, Windows 8 interface). Despite this, the OS will have the ability to identify the type of hardware you are using and adapt according to the need to offer a better user experience.

This means, for example, to install Windows 9:0 pm a convertible machine (a notebook that turns into a tablet and vice versa), the system will allow the user to switch freely between new desktop interface (suitable for use of mousepad and keyboard) or conventional Windows 8 interface (with the splash screen itself to be used on touchscreen devices).

The ZDNet says that Microsoft should throw one more update for Windows 8.1 before announcing Windows 9 – such upgrade, however, should focus only on small performance improvements, without making significant changes in the interface of the system.