Whatsapp Stickers: how to download and use ?

There would be almost no one out there who does not know about Whatsapp and it uses. However, I Bet only a few users would know that Whatsapp has recently added stickers to the features it offers on its platform.
Yes, stickers to make chats more attractive and exciting. If you have still not updated your Whatsapp, then this is the right time to update your Whatsapp to enjoy the stickers. However, we recently noticed that not all people who updated their Whatsapp could use the feature. The reason for such issues is unknown, but, the developer has been notified and they have ensured that in the coming weeks the feature will be available to all Whatsapp users.

To use the feature, as mentioned above you will have to update the Whatsapp to the latest version,
Here is the links to download or update Whatsapp

Once you have successfully updated your Whatsapp, to access the sticker library, you will have to tap the Emoji icon if on iOS or sticker icon if on Android which would be placed in the text input field. If you successfully open the sticker tab you will find all the stickers available for you on your Whatsapp, if you wish to add more sticker packs, click the ‘’+’’ sign at the edge of the on-screen keyboard of your Whatsapp. From the list of available stickers, you could download to add the stickers to your personal Whatsapp sticker library
Apart from these general features, the latest addition also includes r clock icon, favorite sticker icon, and heart sticker option. As the name indicates, the first two options allow the user to access the recently used stickers and the favorite stickers. However, the third icon ‘’heart ‘’ would list all the stickers on your database that has a heart in it.

If you don’t want the stickers, the same sticker tab has the option to delete the stickers from your personal database.
If you cannot access the sticker option even after an update, wait for a few days, the developer has published that the feature would be made available to all within a few days