VMLive TV With HD Movie Downloader

VMLive TV Free is an app that can not miss in your gadget to any film fan. Here, you can find information about any movie, including the year, genre, synopsis, release date, note (IMDb), cast etc.

On the main screen, the program also displays the most popular items. Besides, there are several interesting categories, like “Subgenre Charts”, “Upcoming”, “Top 10 Box Office”, “Top 10 DVD Releases” etc.In your home, the application is divided into today’s most popular movies, movies, movies that will be released soon and releases on DVD. When you select one of them, you can view images, the poster, synopsis, technical data and reviews.

Another prominent feature is that you can watch trailers of the movies directly into the app still create a against the service, it is possible to add the movies you’ve watched, write reviews and also set your preferences, which helps the VMLive TV Free create personalized suggestions.

VMLive TVAbove you gave a complete description about the Movie and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
VMLive TV Lite is an application that aims to help you to choose the next movie I will watch. The idea is very interesting, but the execution leaves something to be desired app in many respects.

The VMLive TV Lite is in English, but that doesn’t mean that you will access the contents of the films in the same language. Both his titles when descriptions are in English and the translation appears only in titles and app buttons.

It ends by limiting the use of the program in Brazil, since the opinion of other users is one of the most important points of service, so that you can decide whether or not to watch the film.

Slow to load

Another problem with VMLive TV Lite is its slowness. Unfortunately, it takes too long to load the pages with images and text, even with a wireless internet connection. This ends up leaving the navigation too slow and subdued.

The app also has other weak aspects. Your look is little organized, because the large amount of buttons and images on the screen let the polluted interface. In addition, the banner ad free version appears in the middle of content, between the lower flap and the information of the films.

Even with the possibility of creating a list of movies watched, giving note to the titles and create a selection with your Favorites, VMLive TV Lite proved too weak.

People addicted to movies are an excellent tool to discover new movies, view trailers and follow the world trend in the genre with the rankings of the most popular items.

The interface of the app is very well organized and beautiful, as all movies are displayed by its cover and are organized into categories and subcategories, making its location. Besides, when you select an item, all the information is uploaded instantly.If you choose VMLive TV Pro app, can still access the times and cinemas where the movie is being shown. In the free version, you can still create a list with your favorite titles, take a note for the film,

The ability to watch trailers and read reviews of people around the world also adds points to the app. However, as everything is in English, the VMLive TV Free is not going to be very handy for those who have not mastered the language.