VideoMeld is a publisher of videos ideal for those who want to train at home for fun or to have an initial knowledge about the topic before leaving for a more professional program, like Vegas.

The program offers various effects to make your creations even more fun. With him, the productions can be made with videos, images, audio and text, giving enough freedom for your creativity into action.

To start editing, choose how many tracks will use. For each one, you select what type of file will enter your video (image, text, etc). Each selected content will appear in a frame, and it can be edited individually.

For being an editor that contains the functions more fetched in a program of category, with VideoMeld you can modify colors, brightness and contrast of images, as well as change its size and position; make the transformation of colors leaving them in transparent tones; and add effects, text, transition, and more.

Above you gave a complete description about the VideoMeld and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
VideoMeld is a video editor that, despite offering various features, is a basic program. That’s because he does not have anything original and which cannot be seen in other editors more simple and famous, like the classic Windows Movie Maker.

The application worked without problems at the facility. During its use, there were no crashes or failures in time to apply the effects or insert new frames and tracks. Despite saving files in high resolution, the VideoMeld is not heavy and do not hinder the performance of other open programs.

Another point which makes him if direct for beginners is the VideoMeld just saved in MPEG4 extension, and the videos are with the watermark on all images, so it can’t have professional use.

Its main interface has large icons, which help the user to find the desired function. So, the VideoMeld can be a very practical program for those just starting out working with editing, which is its target audience.