Video Cutter

The Cute Video Cutter is a video converter that allows you to change the format of your files to adapt them to different purposes and devices. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can completely transform the documents has in the computer, allowing for their viewing in devices like smartphones and the Apple iPod.

The software acts as an editor with basic functions, including the framing, contrast and brightness of the images. The application also allows you to cut snippets enclosed of a production, in addition to allowing you to highlight a particular area of the screen, ignoring the others in the process.

To use the program, just add the files that should be converted (using the option “Add”) and choose the format that results in a list that appears at the bottom of the screen. Due to the large extent of the list of available options, the developer of the application divided into categories that include various electronic devices and common internet formats.

The editing process of the documents can be triggered via the “Edit” button, which displays individually each one of the available effects. It is worth noting that, in the free version of the software, the delimited cropping feature (“Trim”) cannot be triggered. In addition, the conversion is restricted to only the first five minutes of each video added (those that are shorter than this limit are fully modified).

video cutter

Caution during installation

When installing the Cute Video Cutter in your program, how the program pattern accompanies some additional software that no influence on its operation. If you do not want to add them, select the “Decline” option when the screen below appears:

When the option to add the IncrediBar to the machine, let cleared the field “Install the IncrediBar Toolbar”, as shown in the following image:

Above you gave a complete description about the Cute Video Cutter and its functionalities, know now what we think of him The possibility of converting videos to a wide variety of formats and still add editing effects to each of them are features that make the Cute Video Cutter a very attractive software. Featuring a well-organized interface, where the commands available emerge clearly, the software doesn’t disappoint when it comes to change the extension of a file.

What damages the software are the restrictions imposed by the developer in its free version. Although the crop feature lock don’t bother so much, the limit of five minutes of conversion should prove a major obstacle for those who want to modify entire movies or video clips of songs more extensive.

These characteristics affect the very Cute Video Cutter, making it an option bit recommended for those who don’t want to pay for the right to use software. If you fit this category, we recommend downloading programs like FormatFactory and Any Video Converter.