Video Chat On Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the Instant Messaging social network of Zuckerberg, a simple and direct channel for you to chat with your friends privately. The application also allows you to create conversations into groups and has several extra tools to increase the crop.

In addition to writing text messages, Facebook Messenger allows you to send to your contacts photos taken at the time, images of the Gallery of your appliance, emojis (drawings), voice messages and emoticons, all with just a touch.

Features and organization

facebook Video CallThe application is still able to make calls to other contacts through your carrier’s data network or via WiFi connection. You can also check if the person is online or when was the last time that the user entered in the application, in addition to mute notifications, view the timeline on Facebook, a map of where the person is and the phone number.

Facebook Messenger is divided into four main tabs: a list of all your individual conversations, the list with all your conversations in a group, the complete list of users that use the Messenger and that are available to talk at the moment (either on the PC or on smarphone) and General settings.

Above you gave a full description about Facebook Messenger and its features, find out now what we think of him
Facebook Messenger is the Facebook application that lets people talk so reserved, both individually and in group. Through it, you can send text, photos, gallery images, voice, messages and emoticons, emojis just a touch.

The fifth version of the Facebook Messenger arrives with enhancements that will make your conversations more instant than ever. Now, you can send any kind of message with just a touch, ensuring incredible agility to your chat. Check out.

Messenger x Whatsapp
Facebook knows that the interaction between people personally or through restricted groups is the new social dimension of the moment. So, I ended up acquiring Whatsapp for 16 billion reais.

But it is a mistake to believe that the Messenger will copy Whatsapp features: the program is treading its own path, with innovations that do not appear in the “contestant” and must leave the newly purchased program eating dust.

facebook Video CallThe first change that significantly differentiated the two programs was the resource of links through data network connection or WiFi, something the Viber already provides for some time, but that has not yet reached the Whatsapp.

Now, with the 5.0 update, Facebook Messenger takes another step to conquer the hearts of users of Whatsapp, focusing all their attention on selfies. In addition, you can share the pictures with just a button between the internal contacts of the program.

All with just a touch
If before it was necessary to add content for messages after you send them, now just take a picture, choose an image from the Gallery, an emoji or create a voice message so that this type of content to be sent to your contacts instantly.

This changes everything! The most glaring change is the sending of photos taken with the camera. The old way was a via crucis: click the old icon in Clip format, after in camera, then take the picture by attaching it to a message, and then click the submit button.

Now all you have to do is click the icon in the shape of a camera and take the picture so that it is sent to your contact or group. This change clearly is focused on the new trend of taking the self-portraits that broke selfies worldwide.