Share X

Share X is a program aimed to help you have an online life more comfortable. After all, it is possible to upload different types of files for various services, as well as shorten long URLs and perform screenshots using an extensive range of formats.

All services used by Share X total approximately 30 sites, which are organized into the categories: image, text, file and url shortener links. You do not need to have a user in each of them, being possible to use anonymous accounts to upload files. However, each category has activated only one item at a time, and it is necessary to repeat the process to host an image, for example, on different pages.


Services for all tastes

Besides having different sites for you perform uploads, another interesting feature of Share X is the fact of it being open source. In other words, if you know how to do it, you can change the program to add even more services into its interface. At the moment, he has:

Image: ImageShack, Tinypic, Flickr, Imgur, Photobucket, UploadScreenshot, TwitPic, YFrog, TwitSnaps, and Dropbox;
Text:,, Paste2, Slexy and Dropbox;
Files in General: Dropbox, RapidShare, SendSpace, Minus, Box, as well as a program with this function, FTP server, or email you set;
Url shortener,,,, and
Once the developer Share X is the same as doZScreen, the organisation of its configuration options are quite alike and have similar items, including. That is, you can configure shortcuts to perform screen captures of quality and define where images must be saved locally.

Simplified sharing

On the interface of the program, the options that you can find at the top of the window feature all the functions available. Among them, it is possible to send the text to the Clipboard, upload a file from your computer and perform a screen capture to host online. In this case, there is a way to get the image of the desktop, the current window, or draw a rectangle, a circle, a rhombus, among other possibilities.

In addition, you will also find in the interface Share X changing the hosting services used to store your files, a history of sent items and settings of the program. In them, you can remove the sound achieved by the screen shots, set where to save images created, change keyboard shortcuts, and change the settings of the figures (format, size, quality etc.).

Above you gave a complete description about the Share X and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Share X interface is organized and allows the location of your options with great ease, as well as the visual support provided by the images associated with each function, there is a division of tabs in the settings of the program. In other words, there’s never too many items for you to view and they are divided into categories.

The amount of services available in the Share X is simply excellent, which is only reinforced by the fact that he’s open source – after all, so you can change the program to add more alternatives to upload sites. In addition, it’s very practice the chance you have to enter a user name for each service, so there’s no need to publicly share any uploaded file.

The quality of snapshots is better than you might expect from a program whose main function is not that. However, this is due to the fact the Share X be done by the same developer of ZScreen, i.e., it is as if this software already come embedded with all its options.