Random Instant Video Chat

chatRandom Instant Video Chat Chat-Fun Random Instant is a chat application that will help you make new friends and meet people in your area. The first time you enter the app, you no need to log in with Facebook or Google Plus, this app no need a profile photo and your basic data.

Then, a list is loaded with all the people who live near you. The users are catalogued by distance, popularity and number of pictures. At any time, you can set up a profile as a favorite (“Favorite”), send a message (“Message”) and view the photographs (“Photos”).

You can also start a chat real-time random “Random Chat”, since the Random Instant Video Chat Chat-Fun Random Instant shows in this role the people that are online. The more photos and information you have, the greater the chances of gaining popularity and grow on the social network.

If you like chat rooms and social networks with a focus on discovering new people, Random Instant Video Chat Chat-Fun Random Instant is an excellent option for you to try with a significant number of users in Brazil.

The program interface is very well organized and by modern design, since all the functions are found in a dynamic Panel and simply tap in the profiles to start browsing.

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Even being available only in English, the application won’t bring complications for people who do not dominate the language, since the buttons and commands have short texts and self-explanatory icons.

During our test, the Random Instant Video Chat Chat-Fun Random Instant surprised by the large number of Brazilian profiles and chat rooms open (6,320), demonstrating that there are a lot of interesting people attending.

Another feature which adds points to the app is that, although the GPS is used to find people near you, in no time you reveal the real locations of users, protecting your privacy.