YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera and Photo Editor Tool

We all love the 3rd party applications which can help us in taking better selfies or which can help us in editing the photos. These applications are really amazing when it comes to enhancing the photos and

Application Review : TeamViewer Quick Support

We are sure that you are aware of the application called TeamViewer. You would have used it on your Windows or Mac to get the support from the technician or to share your desktop with someone. At

Switcher Go: An Application to Create Live Videos

Facebook Live and YouTube Now have changed the way we interact on social media. It is now possible to broadcast the videos in real time and you will always find enough audience looking at the live videos.

Eyecon : Contacts Phone Book

Contacts are one of the most important parts of our phone and losing contacts is the worst nightmare for anyone of us. The phones are surely getting smarter but the problem is that the contact management application

AccuBattery App To Extend Battery Life – Review

AccuBattery is a useful app developed by Digibites Tools. It is design to protect battery health and give you detailed picture of battery usage information. It also measures the battery capacity (mAh) using tools based on science.