Opswat GEARS: security and keep an eye on your network

Opswat GEARS is a tool that intends to evaluate the security status of your computer, your local network and your internet connection. He seems a note to your device from a modular system and to view the details, you can check where your PC modules lost points. This can be seen in the section “Security Score”.

As soon as you start the Opswat GEARS for the first time, it puts your device in a queue and, when there is availability, the app does a scan with updated definitions in real time to try to find malware on the computer. It is interesting to note that whatever is in quarantine on other antivirus will be identified by Opswat GEARS. Thus, if the name of your antivirus is in the description of the threat found, disregard. These details can be seen in the section “Advanced Threats”.

Armored session
The next section of the Opswat GEARS (Session Shield) is the functional part of the application. She creates an “armored session” on your device that lets you use just some computer functions that are isolated from the rest of the system, as if it were a sandbox so that you can deal with sites that have dangerous content or with files known to be infected. All that is changed or saved on the PC during this session will be deleted as soon as you go back to the traditional way.

Finally, the tab “Manage my PC” allows you to connect a variety of devices by Opswat GEARS and administer them synchronized and remote form. For this, however, you must enroll in the company’s Web site, which can be accessed via the “Download” button right after. Therefore, when you touch the button in question, your browser will be taken to an external page where you can download simple or make an account Opswat to you can use the features of the last tab.

Opswat GEARS is a tool that evaluates the State of security on your computer. It is possible to measure how much your computer is protected locally, for your local network and over the internet. Other than that, you can check out a note that the Opswat GEARS gives your device on the level of safety. Thus, it is possible to know if it is necessary to take some attitude about it or if you are right on the tape.

It is important to note that the Opswat GEARS isn’t actually an antivirus. It only evaluates the security situation of your computer and tells you that your device’s vulnerable points. With this, you can learn exactly how to take action to fix the problems and stay away from any threat.

Simple to use
The interface of Opswat GEARS is interesting and simple to use. She has a few elements on the screen and your organization is smart. There is a sidebar with tabs of content that the user can access and where you can check some data or perform activities. The most interesting of all is the one that allows the user to create a reinforced session (Sesion Shield). Thus, it is possible to work on purpose in unsafe environments and, even with that, don’t get infected.

That way, if you have installed a new antivirus security settings changed or entered into a new network, Opswat GEARS can be a great tool to evaluate your new security status. Therefore, it is worth the test.