MAPS.ME Pro – offline maps

offline mapsMAPS. Pro ME — offline maps is an application whose goal is to provide maps for navigation completely offline. On the initial screen, the app automatically shows your location, you can navigate the field through touches and gestures, as well as on Google Maps.

To zoom in, the application offers the option to download the map to your device in two ways: “Download map” and “Download map + Routing”. The second option is much heavier, but offers the possibility to trace routes, as well as a GPS Navigator.

In the settings menu, you can use the function “download maps” to get maps from all over the world without having to browse manually by the preview mode. MAPS. Pro ME — offline maps also includes thousands of POIs (points of interest) recorded in OpenStreetMap.

Above you gave a complete description about the MAPS. Pro-ME offline maps and its features, learn now what we think of him
If you are looking for an option fully offline map, MAPS. Pro ME — offline maps has all that is needed to meet. Using data from OpenStreetMap website, you can download information from the hands of 345 countries.

In addition to the generic maps, containing information about the cities and roads, it is also possible to download Because with restaurants, gas stations, hotels and all kinds of establishment of usefulness for travelers.

For those with little space left on the storage memory on your Android, MAPS. Pro ME — offline maps still offers the option to download the maps with and without the routing data. So, who do not need to calculate navigation routes can get significantly smaller files.

MAPS. Pro ME — offline maps only loses points for not show traffic information when you are in online mode, as well as in Waze and Google Maps, for example.