IKEA catalogue celebrates 2015 the spaces where the days begin and end

The IKEA catalog 2015, which arrives at the hands of the Sweden from the day August 25, 2014, focuses on the most important spaces for the usual beginning and end of day in our homes: the bedroom and bathroom. These are the spaces where we wake up, get dressed up, relax, where we have moments of personal reflection and we prepare, by the end of the day, for a good night’s sleep. In this optic, IKEA is committed to make the daily life in these spaces of the home even better. Because if all we begin and end the days of pleasant way, imagine the effect that this has on our lives and the people who surround us.

“The most intimate spaces of your home need to be functional, organized and comfortable. IKEA articles can do a lot for our customers, helping them in a most inspiring start to the day and organized, which has an impact throughout the day then begins. More than one-third of the range of articles for bedrooms and bathrooms are new this year representing a wide choice in terms of style, price and functionality. “, says Claudia Domingues, Marketing Director of IKEA.

We all wish that our House is a mirror of who we are. Thus, the new IKEA catalog is intended to inspire people to decorate your home in a personal way, taking into account the way they live, rather than following global trends and conventions. For this purpose, includes amazing ideas on how to personalize your home and make it compatible with the constant changes of life. For example, for the increasing number of people who live in smaller spaces and shared, multifunctional furniture and good housekeeping are essential. When you can’t make the larger space, we need to make it work better.

More and more people want to live in a more environmentally friendly. The room is where the materials are more close to our body, so it is the perfect place to use bedding made of more sustainable cotton, opting for wooden furniture that generates less waste, add the softness of carpets made of surplus materials and save energy with LED lighting.

In addition to sharing solutions for a more sustainable life at home, IKEA went further in its long-term commitment with the sustainable forest. Made, so IKEA catalog 2015 in greater publication ever to be fully printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper (FSC ®). This means that the entire chain of production of the IKEA Catalogue, from the forest to the printing, FSC certified ® is to ensure a more sustainable source of wood.

While the catalog is not available, take some time to click on this link and visit the page devoted to the interesting study from IKEA “Life at Home Report # 1”, which explores the morning behavior of people, since they wake until out of home, in eight major cities around the globe-London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Shanghai and Stockholm.