Hijack Hunter : A complete tool to analyze the system and correct errors

Hijack Hunter is a security application that scans your computer and displays a variety of detailed information. That way, you can detect viruses, malwares and trojans that can be hidden, so remove them permanently from the machine.

The tool can provide a detailed report with various data about the processes that are running on the machine, the registry keys, drivers, Windows tools, help objects, among others.

One click and you’re done

The software interface is very direct. With just a click on the button “Scan”, you can do a complete analysis and generate a report. In General, the process may take some time, because the software will scan hundreds of entries and files saved in Windows.

Among the items analyzed are the system information, boot methods, loading modules, processes running, the server names, TCP/IP, Internet Explorer settings, the executable files saved in temporary folders or suspicions, permissions, firewall logs, services, TCP and UDP connections etc.

Once the tool has finished scanning, the information will be displayed in its own interface and in a single text file. How the tool works with many specific tools, it is recommended that you have a little more technical knowledge to use it. Otherwise, you will not be able to identify any errors displayed in the final report.
Hijack Hunter
Extra functions

Besides generating reports using scanning, the software also has functions to view what are the programs that start automatically with Windows, boot files, hoost and BHO. That way, you can access several tasks in one place.

The application itself is also possible to find shortcuts to the main management tools present in Windows, including DOS, CMD Query Driver, Registry Editor, NetStart, local users and groups, Disk Manager etc. To access all of these applications, simply click on the button “Windows Tools”.

Repairing all

In the function “Restorer”, you will find a number of items that can be restored using the software. That way, you don’t need to worry about navigating between dozens of folders and have to deal with advanced functions to fix the system. Just browse between tabs, select the corresponding checkboxes and click the button “Apply”.

With this, you can, for example, restore Windows Firewall settings, fix Records Editor or the Task Manager. If you want to, you can also reconfigure the safe mode and restore the default Internet Explorer properties, and thus remove unnecessary URLs or correct extensions associated with a particular file type.

Privileged settings

There are a wide variety of changes to the program. By clicking “Settings”. You can even assemble a list of files and registry entries, so they will not be scanned by the program later.

Other than that, the program also allows you to disable some functions of scanning, blocking the creation of log files or create restore points before performing the analysis, one point will always be created automatically when you use the repair function.