Format Factory

Format Factory is an audio/video converter that serves to change the format of this file type, leaving them in that more suitable for your needs.

With it, you can say goodbye to the incompatibility and let the media exactly the type you need. In addition, it also allows you to do batch conversions, streamlining the process.

The program supports a variety of input formats, and for the output, offers kinds AAC, WMA, MP3, WMV and MP4.

In the proper format
If you already went through the inconvenience of a device does not work with a particular media format, knows how much the Format Factory can be a great ally. Even though the program has few output formats, is able to transform those less used in most common types, particularly with respect to music.

One of the great advantages of the application lies in the fact that he has a simple interface, focused on organization and visibility of its functions (which are in the form of button). There are no menus or any type of advanced configuration: everything is optimized so that you can start using it without complications.

Quick format conversion

To convert a file, the first step is to add it to the interface of the program and this is done by clicking the equivalent to the format that you want to turn it. Then, a new screen is displayed for you to locate the desired audio on your computer. You can select more than one track, but to make the batch process all need to be in the same folder.

So if they are in different directories, the ideal is that you take one of them at a time. When all the desired tracks are on the screen, just click “Open” to continue the operation. Done this, confirm that the output format displayed on the screen is the one for which you want to convert the songs.

If not, just click on the button to change it. Similarly, you can set the desired quality for the new file (high, medium, or low) and set the directory for storing the songs converted (choosing a in “Path”). When everything is as desired, then click “Convert”.

Once this is done, the process starts immediately and its progress can be followed in real time on the screen. He is usually very fast (taking just a few minutes) and, in the end, a message informs the success of the operation.

format factory

Above you gave a complete description about the Format Factory and its functionalities, know now what we think of Format Factory can be a great ally against the mismatch, even though it does not work with multiple formats. Still, lets do the conversion for some of the most used currently, reinforcing the practicality of the program. Another interesting aspect is that you can make a batch modification, streamlining the process for multiple files.

The application is also a good tool for those who don’t have much experience with this type of software. That’s because its interface is very intuitive, because the functions are clearly visible and organized way to stay well visuals (all in the form of buttons). What can be considered a negative point is the fact that there is advertising in the software interface.

Not that get in the way of the use of the program itself, but it certainly takes some of the elegance of his interface. However, this is just an aesthetic feature, not influencing the functioning of the application. Another interesting point is that you can use it without having to do any manual configuration.

In addition, the time taken to do the conversion of files is extremely fast (taking no more than a minute). Even the largest documents didn’t take long time during testing. If you need to constantly change an audio format, it is worth testing the Format Factory.