Eyecon : Contacts Phone Book

Contacts are one of the most important parts of our phone and losing contacts is the worst nightmare for anyone of us. The phones are surely getting smarter but the problem is that the contact management application on the phone remains the same. In such a scenario, it becomes essential to download a third party contact management application. One such third party application that can be used is Eyecon. The application works like as a caller ID, Dialer, and even a phone book. Let us now look at some of the features of this amazing contact management application.

Features of Eyecon

• Auto-sync – It is possible to sync the contacts with the Facebook contacts and the main advantage of this is that the application automatically saves the photos of the contact. The application automatically creates a photo based contact book for you.

• Caller ID – Each one of us are aware of the True caller and the fact is that the application is quite heavy and in addition to this, the application doesn’t serve a lot of purposes. This is not true with Eyecon as the application has an inbuilt caller ID and the application works similar to the true caller when it comes to finding the details of unknown contact number.

• Filtering Calls – The application can easily filter out the spam callers and it basically identifies the contact numbers on basis of numbers on Facebook hence there are a few of chances of getting the details wrong.

• Sync Support – Another advantage of this application is that the connectivity on this application is not just restricted to the Facebook. It is possible to link the email, LinkedIn and even skype contacts on the phone.

• Customization – In this application, you can also choose the photo that your friends would see you. You can also customize the way the information would appear and this is quite helpful for personal branding. In addition to this, it is also possible to check the availability of the person whom you are planning to call and all this is possible without even calling the person.

• Right To Privacy – The application also guarantees your privacy as the application doesn’t need your social media details to be connected and this works as an advantage for the people who are not comfortable in sharing their personal details.

• The application doesn’t lag during the use as the code used to develop is application is bug-free and hence you do not even have to worry about the security of the contacts.

The application has an overall rating of 4.6 stars and out of about 10 thousand users, 7500 users have given a 5 star to the application which is another indication of the use and effectiveness of the application. It should also be noted that the application requires an android version of 4.0.3 and above and in addition to this, it has been installed by about a million users across the world. The application is surely amazing contact management application which is a must have for all the android users.