ES File Explorer

Do you frequently transfer files from your smartphone to other electronics? If your answer was yes to that question, you need to know ES file Explorer.

This application allows files stored on the appliance, computers from a LAN network, or Bluetooth-connected devices to be managed in an extremely practical and efficient way.

With a nifty and customizable look, es file Explorer is quite different from everything you’ve experienced in this software segment. Stop warming your head when manipulating your documents between your gadgets, use this program to facilitate your life.

Extrapolating the boundaries of the smartphone

More than a mere document manager, ES File Explorer extrapolates the storage boundaries of the smartphone. This program operates both in the local repositories of the appliance and in the SD memory card folders, LAN-shared partitions, FTP server documents, or device sections through Bluetooth technology.

The app relates to other software installed on the portable device. Thus, audio, video, and images files can be opened directly from ES File Explorer, which is responsible for executing the files in their respective default programs.

It still manages to visualize compressed files in the most common formats of the market. For you not to get lost in the menus, the program offers a caption – An interesting and agile way to guide the user through application resources.

You’re not finding what you want? Use the search tool, enjoying custom keywords, to make your searches more precise.
To the user’s taste

Most of the file managers are unattractive and inflexible applications. Es file Explorer is differentiated because it offers two preview styles: through medium icons or list of files and folders. Feel free to use the layout that suits your needs better.

Additionally, the user manages to configure a series of unusual options, such as the program background, the color of the display folders, the top shortcut tabs on the app screen, and many other features to adapt the software to your profile.