Eight foods that have a reputation for skinny — but are not

Goji berry, spirulina and coconut oil are some of the products sold with the promise to help you lose weight. Doctors and nutritionists doubt

From time to time, the shelves of stores and natural pharmacies are flooded with new products with a reputation for skinny mirrors. Foods and supplements gain popularity, but soon fall ostracized by the lack of scientific evidence and results which prove their effectiveness. Some recent fads were coconut oil, Chitosan and spirulina. The Belle of the ball is the goji berry — and soon will come another. “People are looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight. But no food makes miracle, “says endocrinologist Bruno Halpern, Coordinator of the Center for weight management at the Hospital on July 9, in São Paulo.

The human body needs protein, carbohydrate and fat to play its basic metabolic functions. “Fail to ingest these essential nutrients and base the diet in a supposedly miraculous food is a health hazard”, says nutritional doctor Andrea Bottoni, team coordinator of nutrology and Maternity Hospital Are Luiz Anália Franco. In addition, depositing a lot of confidence in one product causes a psychological injury to the patient. If the person does not lose weight, may lose the motivation to face a regime that make real effect.

It is clear that drastically cut the calorie intake and elect a food based on food, whatever it is, will lead to weight loss. Losing too much weight in a short time, however, is not a process considered healthy. The body becomes accustomed to operating with little energy and comes into a state similar to anorexia, in which tends to store fat. “The consequence is the concertina effect. After weight loss, the person back to fatten quickly, “says Claudia Bake, Endocrinologist and coordinator of the Center for Obesity and eating disorders Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in Sao Paulo.

According to Andrea Bottoni, some products with a reputation for skinny mirrors can even be good for your health, such as linseed oil, which is rich in fiber and improves intestinal function. “But they should be seen as supporting cast never diet like protagonists.”

What works – effective formula for weight loss includes practicing physical activity regularly, sleep eight hours a day and follow a balanced diet. In addition, split in five or six meals a day, eat small amounts and avoid industrial products are more important than consuming foods with a reputation for miraculous.