Driver Booster Beta

Driver Booster Beta is a test version of new Driver Booster. It is very likely that you already know this tool, whereas the programme is one of the best-known auto maintenance software drivers.

Anyway, the Driver Booster Beta is an application that can do a deep scan on Windows in search of outdated drivers. These drivers are the software corresponding to each electronic component present on your PC and keeping them always up to date, your computer will be more secure, fast and reliable.

Another good reason for you to keep your drivers up to date is always the guarantee of compatibility with software updates that Microsoft releases for the operating system. That way, if your hardware supports Windows updates, you can make sure that the drivers aren’t going to cause any kind of problem using the Booster Beta Driver.

Making Magic ?

The Driver Booster is not one of the solutions for maintenance of most popular drivers at random. To start a scan, you don’t need to click on anything in the interface of the application. Just open the program by double-clicking on its icon and wait for the startup. As soon as it appears on the screen, scanning now starts and, in moments, some details appear to the user as the list of old drivers that the Driver Booster Beta can update.

At this point, you should already understand one of the novelties of the Beta version of the program. The interface of the tool underwent a renovation to make it more organized and friendly. Note that now the list of drivers is separated into two tabs, the outdated (Outdated) and updated (UpToDate). The first is the one that deserves your attention and, by default, all drivers who were considered old already are marked to be updated at once. To start the update and install these drivers, simply click on “Update All” or “Update Selected” at the top of the window.

This action starts the automatic download and installation of these drivers or silent. That means you won’t have to do absolutely anything else to complete this facility.

As everything is updated, you will need to restart your computer, but this can be done at any time, not requiring, therefore, that you stop everything you’re doing to hang up and call again the PC. This condition, in fact, is another new Beta Booster Driver, which previously required several reboots during the installation of drivers.

Other novelties

In addition to these two new features — new interface and silent installation/smart —, the Driver Booster Beta still has a few more cards up its sleeve that can make you want to change your version. The most interesting is related to games. The program can now identify drivers that have a direct relation with games for Windows. So, if you’re a PC gamer, the software will ensure that you always have the best experience in this sense, leaving including these drivers in a highlighted section.

Other than that, the database is queried by the online drivers Driver Booster Beta. It used to be that when you downloaded the program, it already came with some data from new and old drivers in the installer. The removal of this feature has improved program performance and still manages to save space on your hard drive. The developer also comments that the program now downloads the drivers more quickly.

To top it off, the Driver Booster Beta still improved the system restore of old drivers. Thus, if an update has generated some incompatibility in the system, you can roll back the installation to the old version without any problem.

Our opinion
Above you gave a complete description about the Driver Booster Beta and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Driver Booster Beta is a test version of new Driver Booster that brings to the user a lot of buzz. The program is considerably better, faster and more efficient in virtually everything he does. For starters, the interface has been revamped, making everything more communicative and organized, with specific tabs separating old drivers of new, plus a signs for specific drivers for games, which may be a priority for certain users.

Besides the interface, what draws attention in the Driver is your Beta Booster smart installation, which allows the user to update your drivers with automatic weekly scans without even touching the software interface. He does everything in the background and does not ask for reboot to no driver installation. This, however, causes the modifications are applied only after you reboot the PC.

This automatic scan works only if you mark the option “Launch automatically …” in the “General” tab of the settings. So, the app is always on and watching news.

Practicality first

The practicality in the drivers Update Driver Booster provided ancient remains here and even more interesting. You don’t have to go out looking for drivers on the websites of manufacturers and waste hours and hours of your day with this type of upgrade. In this particular version of the Booster, Driver everything works faster, as it was possible to realize in our tests, especially the downloads.

Therefore, well worth doing the test with the Driver Booster Beta and check out the news that the software has to you. However, this Beta release does not yet have the interface in Portuguese, but this can be replaced easily.