Download Manager


Although the majority of people look for connections to the internet each time faster, it is inevitable that arise those time-consuming downloads and at low speed. And you ask yourself: “But how is it possible, if my connection is much faster than that?”.

The problem is not on your connection, but in several other external factors, like speed limited by the file server and his congestion. Thereby, the download of some files make indifferent using dial-up or broadband. But don’t worry, the solution to this is in this small utility for Windows.

Maximum speed

Free Download Manager is a download manager lightweight and completely free, which — in addition to organize your downloads — extends and optimizes bandwidth usage so that your files be downloaded at high speed.

The interface is intuitive and well-designed buttons, allowing the tools are understood and accessed quickly. Users accustomed to other programs of category summer on Free Download Manager tools and preferences that will surely arouse the desire to meet you in depth. See a little of what this amazing software is able:

Increase of up to 600 percent the speed!

This incredible increase in performance is possible due to the ability to split a single file into several pieces, limited only by the bandwidth of your connection. So, the higher your internet speed, higher will be the acceleration provided, reaching the peak of 600% of the normal speed of the download.

Improved performance

Use the maximum bandwidth is not enough, it has to be efficient as well. It is expected that, by maximizing the use of connection for downloads, other applications that use become more sluggish.

However, the program provides a tool to configure the traffic to be used, thereby allowing users with lower connections perform other tasks — such as surfing the internet — without losing performance.

Automate tasks
Schedule your tasks and allow the Free Download Manager the run for you! The program offers a complete scheduling feature for you to automate its activities. Check out what can be scheduled: