Deepworld is a sandbox MMO-style game. In it, you must collect items and mine resources to expand your world and improve your character. The style of the game is very similar to that adopted in games Terraria, Minecraft and Starbound. As the game has cross-platform compatibility, you can play it with users of iOS, Windows and Mac.

In addition, you can continue your adventure using different devices. Despite being an open world game, he adopts the view in 2D. Don’t think that the scenarios are little large, as there are a plethora of places to explore. In the game, you should mine their way, find hidden treasures and level up.

Begins the joke
Once the game is entirely online, you will need to create a simple registration. To do this, simply provide a username to start the adventure.

In the first few minutes, a full tutorial will help you understand the commands and game mechanics. The basic functions are controlled by the mouse, WASD keys already serve to move the character. As soon as you get your first pick, you can go out and explore the world.


An infinite universe of possibilities
There are numerous things to do in Deepworld. For example, you can explore the wide world collecting resources, constructing objects and facing threats. There are also hundreds of items that can be collected and transformed into other utensils.

As you advance in the game, new technologies will be discovered amidst the rubble of other civilizations. These items have been offered a new scheme of game, in which you can create new strange machines and fun.


Power items

In the game, you also counts with several accessories which, when equipped, increase your skills and provide new benefits. While some items can be built, others may only be purchased or found during the adventure. For each skill, just an accessory can be fitted.

Among the items found are jetpack, flashlight, compressor, glove, survival knife, shield, lucky charms etc. Some equipment may not be equipped, however can be used for other purposes during the gambling.

RPG elements
The game also offers several RPG elements. Therefore, you will have to gain new powers, train them and develops them. By completing certain task, the character will receive skill points, which can be used to make it more powerful. It’s up to you to decide how these points will be spent.

The skills that can be developed include excavation, agility, luck, stamina, automata (ability to build robots and machines), engineering, perception and survival. As in most traditional RPGs, the more you explore more experience will win. The gift shop of the game, it is possible to purchase new items and let your character better equipped.