CCleaner Portable : safe and reliable as the original

CCLeaner Portable is a specialized tool for cleaning the machine. With it, you can quickly remove thousands of unnecessary files, thus leaving the PC more lightweight and agile.

By default, it is normal for the computer storing a record series of programs, system data, cookies, history of navigation messages and data backup. Although such information is needed, over time, they end up crowding the Windows and letting him heavier. Therefore, the primary function of CCleaner Portable is clean it and maintain the OS more agile.

Take it wherever you want

The great advantage of that version against unique is that she does not need to be installed and can be charged on a pendrive. As the application eliminates the inclusion in the OS, you can carry it wherever you want and do a full scan on several machines. Therefore, if you already know the CCleaner traditional, probably won’t have any problem to deal with its portable version.

A complete scan

After downloading the application, just double click to run it. In their search, the software asks if you want to keep some cookies from the browser. In this way, the tool will not erase those that store login information at sites such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! Mail.

Made the choice, the program displays its main interface – identical to the original. In it, you can mark the check boxes and determine which items and applications should be scanned. Only in Windows, CCleaner can remove Internet Explorer temporary files, browsing history, recent documents, cache of thumbnails, last typed URLs, files sent to the Recycle Bin, data stored on the Clipboard, log etc.


In the “Applications” tab, you can indicate which browsers and software should also be analyzed. That way, you can free up even more space on your hard disk. CCleaner also has a complex system of cleaning of records. With it, you can do a complete scan and fix possible errors in the system.

Smart uninstaller

In Windows itself, you will find the necessary tools to remove several software and applications present in the system. However, he is not very effective, because it leaves some traces in the machine and end up “messing up” the OS.

Like the CCleaner is a cleaning tool, he couldn’t help but offer an uninstaller itself. With it, you can do an efficient search and remove impregnated software on the machine. In addition, the program provides the necessary functions to manage the applications that are launched together with Windows, finding specific files, restore the system and make a clean sweep in a drive