Deepworld is a sandbox MMO-style game. In it, you must collect items and mine resources to expand your world and improve your character. The style of the game is very similar to that adopted in games Terraria,

Photo Frames & Effects Free

The Photo Frames & Effects Free is a simple image editor, but easy to use. With it, you can change various characteristics of your photos, of small details of the finish to the insertion of picture frames

Opswat GEARS: security and keep an eye on your network

Opswat GEARS is a tool that intends to evaluate the security status of your computer, your local network and your internet connection. He seems a note to your device from a modular system and to view the

Hijack Hunter : A complete tool to analyze the system and correct errors

Hijack Hunter is a security application that scans your computer and displays a variety of detailed information. That way, you can detect viruses, malwares and trojans that can be hidden, so remove them permanently from the machine.

CCleaner Portable : safe and reliable as the original

CCLeaner Portable is a specialized tool for cleaning the machine. With it, you can quickly remove thousands of unnecessary files, thus leaving the PC more lightweight and agile. By default, it is normal for the computer storing