Features of Black Hole

What comes to your mind when you hear black hole? Something that has high gravity and something that can pull anything that comes near it right? Well, the application is similar to a Black Hole that can

Video Cutter

The Cute Video Cutter is a video converter that allows you to change the format of your files to adapt them to different purposes and devices. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can completely transform


VideoMeld is a publisher of videos ideal for those who want to train at home for fun or to have an initial knowledge about the topic before leaving for a more professional program, like Vegas. The program

Download Manager

Although the majority of people look for connections to the internet each time faster, it is inevitable that arise those time-consuming downloads and at low speed. And you ask yourself: “But how is it possible, if my

Driver Booster Beta

Driver Booster Beta is a test version of new Driver Booster. It is very likely that you already know this tool, whereas the programme is one of the best-known auto maintenance software drivers. Anyway, the Driver Booster