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10 accessories that every kitchen should have

With the right accessories kitchen will no longer be just a space for meals. A modern kitchen and equipped with the right accessories, ensures that culinary activities are implemented with great functionality and efficiency, after all, these

IKEA catalogue celebrates 2015 the spaces where the days begin and end

The IKEA catalog 2015, which arrives at the hands of the Sweden from the day August 25, 2014, focuses on the most important spaces for the usual beginning and end of day in our homes: the bedroom

Versatile and stylish sofas and armchairs in new MAGIS collection

The Magis presents “Traffic”, the latest collection of furniture, designed by German designer Konstantin Grcic. After the success of ‘ Chair_one ‘, fruit of the first collaboration of Grcic with Magis in 2003, and which is today

How to create a beautiful and colourful garden

Now that we’ve reached the peak of spring, begins to be recurrent in each tour view fantastic gardens in homes of neighbors and friends. Foreseeing such beauty of life, color and perfume it is impossible not to