Betternet : Very Simple App to Connect Blocked Content


Betternet Vpn Service offers a program by which you can increase your privacy in time to use the internet.

That’s because you can realize your connection through a VPN, hiding your IP and tracing data collection sites. Similarly, this causes it to be able to avoid regional blocks in time to access websites that have these restrictions.

The use of the application requires that you login using your Google account. You can either choose one that already employs normally for other functions of the unit how to create a new and add it. Similarly, we must agree with the permissions requested for it to work correctly.

Additional security on the internet
The Betternet VPN Service is a simple VPN program, focused on ease of use rather than present a number of advanced settings. Since the first use of the program you will see that he has a completely clean screen and displaying the main function in the form of a button.

To start the connection, all you have to do is click on the button “Connect” and wait a few moments until it is established. There is no way to choose the server, except that it will be established in a manner in which the random function is activated. However, the location is shown on the screen after enabling the VPN so that you can be aware of such information.

Above you gave a complete description about the Betternet VPN Service and its functionality, know now what we think of Betternet VPN Service is an application that lets you increase the security of your connection by avoiding data collection, as well as to overcome regional blockades, accessing the internet through a VPN. In the case of this application specifically, it brings a clean and well organized interface, allowing even beginners don’t have bigger problems to operate it.

This is due to the fact that he focused on ease of use, making your function in the form of button on the main screen. In addition, no advanced settings, making everything you need to use it is literally in the display. Similarly, the VPN activation requires just a touch.

The region in which the server is connected is displayed on the screen after the success of the procedure, so that you have this information in mind if it is necessary.

Hard connection
However, even if the application offers really simple settings, the activation may not be so easy. At least during our tests, it took a number of tries before the first connection was successful. So, keep in mind that the program may not always work the first time, and need a little patience and persistence to make the connection.

Focused on ease
In General, the operation of the program is very simple, because it is already completely ready for use, dispensing manual settings. The only task of whom is to operate it is touching the button present on the screen. However, as already mentioned in the description, there is no way to choose the region of the connection.

This characteristic is made at random by the application and, according to the developer, there are servers around the world included in the application.