Battery Doctor : Save energy to ensure that your gadget’s battery lasts longer

Battery Doctor is the perfect application for anyone living without battery on your smartphone or tablet. If you can’t take any more losing important links or be incommunicado for a while, you can count on the help of Battery Doctor and never let the energy of your gadget finish.

The Battery Doctor can estimate the remaining battery time, assuming your gadget stay with the screen locked. Thus, it is simpler to get an idea of how long energy the appliance will last.

When opening the Battery Doctor, you find the battery status at the top of the screen. If you notice that your equipment will not have the amount of energy required to meet their needs, their own Battery Doctor helps you optimize battery usage. For this, you only need a touch on the screen.

Next to each item in the system, the Battery Doctor shows the time that the shutdown of that item can represent. You can, for example, disable internet connections to be more 40 minutes of battery in the appliance. Thus, in addition to keep an eye on your smartphone or tablet, you can still take swift action to improve the performance of Android still using less energy.

Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the Battery Doctor by Ksmobile and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The Battery Doctor is an application easy to use and which ensures that you have your device on for much longer. The big advantage of the app is that it only requires just a touch on the screen so that you have your device yielding any longer.

The whole system is very easy to understand and can be used even by people who don’t have any experience with Android. This is, without a doubt, the biggest attraction of the Battery Doctor, causing it to be nominated for both gadget function understands everything but want to centralize the commands in one place as to who wouldn’t know how to activate the tools on their own.

The interface of the Battery Doctor is simple and totally intuitive. In addition to the description of the items, each tool brings the icons similar to those originally used on Android. The touch command is easy to understand and saves a lot of time compared to common system configuration system.

Because it is a free app, the Battery Doctor deserves featured among so many options in Google Play. In addition to so many advantages, the application also does not bring any advertising that may hinder the use of the application.