AccuBattery App To Extend Battery Life – Review

AccuBattery is a useful app developed by Digibites Tools. It is design to protect battery health and give you detailed picture of battery usage information. It also measures the battery capacity (mAh) using tools based on science.
We know that our smartphone batteries have a limited lifespan, and there’s so much we demand form the device. From making calls and sending text messages to playing games and making hotel reservations online, we use our mobile phone for so many activities, and each of these activities consume a small part of the battery.

If you use your smartphone heavily for various activities, chances are that your battery will run out fast and you will need to charge it frequently. This significantly lowers the total capacity of the battery. Recent scientific studies and research have shown that the battery life of your mobile phone can be extended up to 200% even when you change your battery inky up to 80% traditionally.
AccuBattery is a highly useful mobile application and tool that can be used to measure the actual battery usage by deriving information and details from the battery charge controller. The usage of battery per app is determined by bringing the measurements for different apps together at one place. The Android app can measure the battery usage based on the profiles provided by the device manufacturers. This includes the power usage by CPU and so on.

With the AccuBattery you can keep an eye on how much battery is used by the phone on a daily basis. It also tells you how long you can use the device when it is in the active mode or standby mode. It gives you an idea of how much power is consumed by each mobile app. Check to see how many times your device was forced to wake up from a deep sleep.
AccuBattery helps you find the fastest charger and a USB cable for your mobile phone. You can sue the app to measure the charging current (in mA) to get the details. It also gives you an idea of how fast your mobile phone charges when the screen is turned on or off. You will also be able to find out how long it actually takes to completely charges the device when it is completely extinguished.

Feature highlights:
• Know how long before battery will run dry
• Find out about the screen-on or screen-off estimates
• Find out how much time it takes for the battery to get fully charged
• Check to find out how much wear the battery can sustain per charge session
• Know the discharge speed and the battery consumption rate for every app
• See the deep sleep percentage, when device is in standby mode
• Use the charge alarm to extend the battery life
• Get ongoing notification for real time battery
• Take measurement of the real battery capacity (in mAh)

Pro Features:
• No advertisements
• Make use of the Dark and AMOLED themes to conserve energy
• Get instant access to the historical sessions that are older than one day
• Get the detailed battery statistics in the notification
• Get real-time CPU and power usage information for understanding the battery wearing process
To download the AccuBattery app on your mobile phone for free, go to the link below –