10 accessories that every kitchen should have

With the right accessories kitchen will no longer be just a space for meals. A modern kitchen and equipped with the right accessories, ensures that culinary activities are implemented with great functionality and efficiency, after all, these tools are (literally) to give us a hand. Here is a list of those who may not even Miss.

by Ana Paula s. Ferreri.

CHEF KNIFE is the extension of the hand that’s cooking. Should be, preferably, stainless steel.

CUTTING BOARD to accompany the make of the chef … A tip: the more hygienic conditions are those which are made of polypropylene.

VEGETABLE PEELER if of good quality is guaranteed you’re going to win a lot of time.

SILICONE SPATULA ideal for the distribution of fillings and toppings, as well as help clean the bowls.

GARLIC PRESS Useful for obvious reasons. And did you know that there are models with a corner able to remove pits from olives?

The most traditional GRATER have four sides, allowing four cutting options, so you can choose the size of the slices and format more suitable for your cooking.

PEPPER GRINDER recommended for those who cares a great deal with the maximum of flavor of the beans. Freshly ground black pepper, for example, is much more tasty and aromatic.

MORTAR Used in many cultures to make aromatic creams or sauces base. Also serves to grind herbs and spices, bringing a unique flavor and texture to any dish.

DEALER Helps to refine and purify juices, flours or remove pieces of food.

DIGITAL SCALE the correct amount of ingredients makes all the difference in the time to prepare the best dishes, don’t forget this step.