Voter Helpline – A Must Have for Elections

India is one of the largest democracy in the world and the elections for choosing the government are hosted once in every 5 years. During the elections, people get to choose their government and their leader. The

Radio Malayalam: iOS App for Unlimited Malayalam Music

When you travel out of your state, the one thing that you surely miss a lot is the radio channels. Not that the FM is unavailable but each state has different radio stations which play programs and

Whatsapp Stickers: how to download and use ?

There would be almost no one out there who does not know about Whatsapp and it uses. However, I Bet only a few users would know that Whatsapp has recently added stickers to the features it offers

Beard Live Photo Editor – Growing Beard Made Easy

Growing Beard is really in trend these days and a lot of people crave for such looks. The worst part is that it is not everyone’s cup of tea to grow and maintain such a long beard.

Features of Black Hole

What comes to your mind when you hear black hole? Something that has high gravity and something that can pull anything that comes near it right? Well, the application is similar to a Black Hole that can